Vote for Sam and NZ beauty

Otago University student Sam Deauchrass, and talented photographer, has been selected in the top 25 of the Discovery Channel’s intern project.

In a Facebook post he says:

This is where it gets serious…it has come down to a public vote and the 5 people with the most votes by the 19th of February get an interview with the Discovery Channel management team in Sydney Australia! Below is the link to vote
The internship itself looks incredible, working for the Discovery Channel you get to travel around the world to locations such as New York, Italy, Iceland, Malaysia, Singapore & London, also working days at the Discovery Channel Headquarters in London & USA.
Just scroll to my photo & You can vote 10x daily (Literally click ‘Vote Now’ 10 times), it’s so easy to vote and has the potential to make such a big difference!…/
Please share & spread the word! 🙂

Sam’s photo is a stunning one of Nugget Point lighthouse, shortly after sunset.

A win in this prestigious competition would not just be good for Sam but also showcase New Zealand’s natural beauty.

Please follow the link and vote for him – it’s easy as clicking vote 10 times.



One Response to Vote for Sam and NZ beauty

  1. fredinthegrass says:

    Go Sam!!

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