Quote of the day

Bienaventurados los pobres porque saben, con certeza, que no ha de quererles nadie por sus riquezas.

Bienaventurados los que alcanzan la cima porque será cuesta abajo el resto del camino.

Bienaventurados los que aman porque tienen a su alcance más de un cincuenta por ciento de un gran romance.

Bienaventurados los que están en el fondo del pozo porque de ahí en adelante sólo cabe ir mejorando.

Bienaventurados los que presumen de sus redaños porque tendrán ocasiones para demostrarlo.

Bienaventurados los que contrajeron deudas porque alguna vez, alguien hizo algo por ellos.  – Joan Manuel Serrat who celebrates his  73rd birthday today.


Blessed are the poor, for they know for certain that no one is to love them for their riches.

Blessed are those who reach the summit because it will be downhill the rest of the way.”

Blessed are those who love because they have at their disposal more than fifty percent of a great romance.

Blessed are those who are at the bottom of the well, because from then on, it is only possible to improve.

Blessed are those who boast of their journeys because they will have occasions to prove it. 

Blessed are those who incurred debts because sometime, someone did something for them.

The words are from the song Bienaventurados:


One Response to Quote of the day

  1. paul scott says:

    Blessed are those that incurred debts and are travelling ownhill. /? Where do you get these people Ele.

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