Labour loses Shearer gains Harre

The Labour Party has lost one of its moderate MPs with the resignation of David Shearer who delivered his valedictory speech yesterday.

It’s gaining  former Alliance MP and former leader of Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party,  Laila Harre.

His departure and her return speaks volumes about Labour’s state and direction.

One Response to Labour loses Shearer gains Harre

  1. Gravedodger says:

    As if another signal was needed,
    Prodigal Laila comes home.
    If that is not cementing in the unelectable lurch to the ultra socialist left I struggle for for belief.

    Her sell out to unscrupulous destructive actual real emphatic dirty politics should have consigned her to history.

    But of course it is different when the spend OPMs to buy votes socialists do it eh.

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