366 days of gratitude

As I baked Christmas cakes, washed clothes, cooked dinner, used the computer, showered with hot water  . . .  and did all the things which require power that I normally take for granted, I thought of the people in Gisborne who were without electricity for 33 hours.

Today I’m grateful for electricity.

One Response to 366 days of gratitude

  1. Gravedodger. says:

    Very fortunate you do not live in South Australia?
    Jay Weatherall and his dreamers have condemned their residents to a very expensive and unreliable electricity supply in the AGW ponzi mantra.
    Relying on wind and solar chasing a mirage of sustainable generation in the face of the fact that many hours have no sunlight and that unfortunate state of affairs, eminently predictable, can coincide with storm winds that feather wind turbines.
    Then the State relies on neighbouring Victoria for coal generated energy but unfortunately that very storm that shut down wind capacity also tripped the high voltage lines bringing the hypocritical backup from Victoria.

    Reality and practical collide with theoretical codswallop.


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