366 days of gratitude

Paula Bennett left school with no qualifications and became a solo mother at the age of 17.

Bill English lost National’s leadership after the party’s worst election result in 2002.

Today he became Prime Minister and she was sworn in as his deputy.

I am grateful for the inspiration from two good people who didn’t give up.


2 Responses to 366 days of gratitude

  1. paul scott says:

    Bill certainly has not given up on the separatist mixed sovereignty agenda.
    With a 5% drop coming he will pander more to Maori / Mana / Hone . Like John Key, he thinks that we don’t see this for what it is. Treachery to democracy.
    The 5th Nat Government thinks those that do see are in a minority … BREXIT TRUMP NZ FIRST NZ FIST the 2017 democracy election.
    Key has left him holding a burning baby .


  2. Will says:

    Yeah, it’s a colossal mistake alright. And will be painful to undo, as we will surely have to. National have a real blind spot here. This is a violation of the fundamental principle of democracy, the source of state legitimacy. I feel no obligation to stay within laws written by self-appointed aristocrats.


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