Saturday’s smiles

A blonde and a redhead farmed in partnership.

Their only bull died and they had only $500 to buy a replacement.

The redhead said to the blonde, “I will go to the sale  and see if I can find a bull for less than $500. If I can, I will send you a telegram.”

She went to the sale and bid for a bull, winning the auction at $499.

Having only one dollar left, she went to the telegraph office and found out that it cost $1 per word.

She Thought about how to tell the blonde to bring the truck and trailer.

Finally, she told the telegraph operator to send the word “comfortable.”

Skeptical, the operator asked, “How will she know to come with the trailer from just that word?”

The redhead replied, “She’s a blonde and reads really slowly, so she’ll get the message come for ta bull.”


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