For St Andrew’s Day

Porridge every week-day morning of my childhood was more than enough and I’ve not developed a taste for haggis or whiskey.

But my tartan genes assert themselves when I hear the pipes.

So in honour of St Andrew’s Day:

P.S. Andrew is not just the patron saint of Scotland,  Cyprus, Scotland, Greece, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople,San Andres Island, Colombia and Saint Andrew, Barbados also honour him as their saint.


Happy name day, Andrei.

2 Responses to For St Andrew’s Day

  1. Andrei says:

    Thank you Ele 🙂

    I was named for the Apostle Andrew of course

  2. Mr E says:

    Was once part of a pipe band that came second in the National Championships.


    Pipe music may be an acquired taste, but when get it, you get it.

    And the skill requirement is such that it is easy to pick quality levels for almost anyone.

    A great piper – or drummer for that matter, is an entertaining experience.

    Just a little attention is required.

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