Friday’s answers

Andrei posed yesterday’s questions for which he gets my thanks.

Should he have stumped us all he can claim a virtual punnet of strawberries by leaving the answers below.

One Response to Friday’s answers

  1. Andrei says:

    Thursday’s Quiz, the “Whatever happened to…” edition

    (1) Nadya Suleman – Is the “Octomom” who bore eight babies via IVF. Initially this was seen as a wonder but after it was revealed she had six other IVF children and was on welfare her star waned

    She last attracted public attention by featuring in a porn movie

    (2) Lisa Nowak – The Diaper lady – a female astronaut spurned by a fellow astronaut with whom she had had an affair and who took up another (astronaut).

    She donned a wig for disguise and diapers so she wouldn’t have to make comfort stops and drove 900 miles to confront her rival

    This was a career and marriage ending exercise

    (3) Jimmie Nicol – at the height of Beatlemania in 1964 on the eve of a world tour Ringo Starr took ill and Jimmie Nicol was hired as his stand in.

    He even worre Ringo’s suits and travelled the world first class, being met by screaming fans and had the time of his life…

    ..for two weeks.

    When Ringo recovered and rejoined the Beatles in Melbourne and Jimmie Nicol was put on a plane and returned to his mundane life in London

    (4) Falcon Heene – The Balloon boy. America and the world was transfixed by a breaking news story of a small boy adrift in a homemade helium ballon floating over the American countryside with no way to get him down

    Shadowed by helicopters the ballon eventualy came down but there was no sign of the boy and it was feared he had fallen from the balloon

    Large scale searches for him were organized before he was found in his own home and the affair revealed to be a hoax

    (5)George Lazenby – An unknown Australian male model played James Bond in “On her Majesties Secret Service”.

    He was offered a contact for five more movies which he declined believing that secret agent films had seen their day. Not a smart move for an aspiring film star and he has disappeared into obscurity

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