Clinton let her people down

I am appalled by Donald Trump’s misogyny and  narcissism but I think he won the presidential race in spite of those traits rather than because of them.

I don’t think Hillary Clinton lost because she was a woman and I simply don’t believe this:

Recently I met a man whose wife is a pilot for American Airlines. Occasionally, he told me, she flies with a female co-pilot. At those times, in certain parts of America, a male passenger will board the plane, see that the cockpit contains two women, and turn around and get off. He would rather not fly than travel in a plane in female hands. . . 

On all but the smallest of planes it’s difficult if not impossible to see the pilots. Whether or not the door to the cockpit is open, one of the cabin crew stands in front of it as passengers enter.

How could someone get on, see both pilots, be more worried about their gender than getting to his destination, get off past the other passengers getting on and not trigger a full-scale terror alert?

The writer, Jennifer Egan continues:

We’ve watched Hillary bear, with dignity . .her shocking defeat by Donald Trump. She is a consummate leader: wry, forbearing, mature.

On election night she didn’t have the courage and composure to face her supporters.

Those hard-core Democrats, who would have worked very, very hard to help her win, had to make do with campaign manager John Podesta.

Failing to front wasn’t dignity.

It was putting herself before her supporters most of whom were volunteers who would have been just as upset as she was.

Failing to front wasn’t the act of a consummate leader.

It was a total lack of leadership.

It wasn’t wry, forbearing or mature.

It was the opposite.

She let her people down.

We were with Americans the weekend before the election. They said they didn’t like Trump but they didn’t trust Clinton.

Her election night failure to front her supporters gives credence to their doubts of her.

If she couldn’t do the right thing on election night, tough though it would have been, how would she have acted when faced with the even tougher tests a president must face?

12 Responses to Clinton let her people down

  1. Andrei says:

    I am appalled by Donald Trump’s misogyny and narcissism…

    You need to drop words like “misogyny” which clearly doesn’t apply to Donald Trump because he loves women

    That charge is based on an old tape surreptitiously recorded many moons ago

    The man is or was a playboy and now is a mature man on to his third trophy wife – not my thing, I’d prefer a strictly monogamous upright fellow, like Mitt Romney was – much good that did him in terms of electoral success in the Presidential sphere

    Donald Trump is not the first American President to be a playboy – the much admired JFK was

    And when it comes to being a utter pig when it comes to women Bill Clinton takes the cake but gets a pass from people who toss around terms like “misogyny” with gay abandon

    Donald Trump won because people are sick of the political elites and their bullshit – maybe it will work out well maybe it wont

  2. JC says:

    Hillary’s problem was the opposite of what many feminists are saying. The US electorate looked beyond her gender and evaluated her and her policies on their merits.. the electorate didn’t like what it saw.

    Another huge problem for Hillary is she saw her candidacy in terms of her gender.. she felt *entitled* to be President because she was a woman and she campaigned on that basis. Again the electorate saw it differently.

    Then there was the coup de grace.. she saw Trump supporters as the “deplorables” and “irredeemable”. Apart from being mind numbingly stupid it showed she was exactly how Trump and so many others framed her.. a creature of the rich and famous and powerful and entitled and elite. As bad or worse she was the figurehead of the snowflake generation, a leader of the mad, the bad, the irrelevant and the bludgers.. she had a lock on the haters and wreckers of her country.

    Now, if you are going to expose all this *you* are going to be accused of all the same things that Trump was because these are awful things that can’t be sugar coated or presented prettily. By their very nature these things are crude and rude and horrible and they taint even the people who expose them.. the mere fact that we have to have legislation to protect whistleblowers is proof that the taint sticks to them as much as the perpetrators.

    And actually, asserting that you are a *woman* who represents this side of American society isn’t the greatest of optics.


  3. homepaddock says:

    “because he loves women” don’t confuse lust with love.

  4. Andrei says:

    “…don’t confuse lust with love”

    I’d never do that Ele. I believe in the long term life long monogamy serves us best both as individuals and as a society – you know that

    “Misogyny” implies hatred of women and is one of those words that is used by the political left to demonize their opponents

    But Donald Trump enjoys and appreciates the company of women, the sort women feminists loath because although feminism purports to speak for all women it doesn’t!

    Indeed feminism which often seems to hate men it also hates a lot of women, women like more daughters who don’t conform to their way of being

    Or women like mother of four Kellyanne Conway or Katrina Pierson, his press secretary, who is African American BTW

  5. Andrei says:

    The “glass ceiling” that was smashed on election night was that Kellyanne Conway became the first woman in American history to manage a successful Presidential campaign

    For some reason feminists are not celebrating this milestone 🙂

  6. Gravedodger says:

    A choice between the devil and the deep blue sea was so apt.
    The deep blue sea dissipated on a reef of red coral leaving a second Red Sea as a memorial to gross stupidity and ineptness of a long dying mass media.

  7. Will says:

    The word is Hillary went full “Hitler in the Bunker” that night and was so drugged she could not appear next day. Real presidential material. And where the hell was Obama when rioters were tearing his country apart? Some leader. I was thrilled when Trump won, for all his faults. With Brexit it feels like the beginning of a sea-change in the way we conduct our affairs. And don’t think for a moment it couldn’t happen here.

  8. macdoctor01 says:

    Her real measure is revealed in the way she does not front up and calm her supporters down. Her conspicuous absence shows that Americans were right to reject her as President- not statesmanlike at all.

  9. Richard says:

    I’m a simple fellow.This is why I am pleased Clinton lost. She and her husband are corrupt
    “The Bill and Hilary Clinton Body Count”

    Found the doc interesting given the revelations over the years about their activities.

    She was most ungracious to her supporters and said much about her.

    Trump is above all a pragmatist for all his rhetoric.

  10. TraceyS says:

    “she felt *entitled* to be President”

    I realise that this won’t be a popular comment but I’m going to make it anyway.

    What gives anyone the pass to state how someone else feels and why is it so easy to assume that a person feels this way, or that way, when the subject is a woman?

    Did she actually say that she felt entitled to become president because she was a woman?

    Or did she say that she is a woman and entitled to be president if she won the election? Which, of course, she would have been.

  11. Andrei says:

    That ghastly woman’s whole campaign was built around “shattering glass ceilings and the “misogyny” of her opponent Tracy

    So successful was she in framing it that way, with the help of a compliant, actually adoring and sycophantic media that that is how this post starts.

    Of course this helped her avoid being called to account for her “achievements” like her war against humanity in Libya for which she should be tried in the Hague except the USA has not allowed itself and its citizens be subject to that tribunal

    Oh BTW TRacey have you ever heard the tape of her laughing at how she got a rapist off, a man who raped as 12 year old girls so badly she was left unable to have children and Hillary Rodham Clinton got the charge reduce to indecent assault and she thought it was funny – She is a vile woman Tracey with no redeeming features

  12. TraceyS says:

    She doesn’t appeal to me at all, Andrei. But I would still not like to assume that I know how she feels. I don’t…and I really don’t want to know.

    If I did assume to know it would mean that I had some understanding of, or affinity with, her and I can not claim that. Mostly, I cannot understand why anyone of Grandmotherly age would want to be a president. By the time I’m pushing 70 I hope to be all about my family. I’ve worked really hard for that goal all my life. Sure I’ve had others, and achieved many, but they pale…

    I think that I, and perhaps many other women, have difficulty relating to high womanly ambition at advanced age.

    But she is nonetheless entitled to give running for president a go and run the best campaign she is able to.

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