366 days of gratitude

We’d gathered a collection of photo frames which had been given to us but had not got round to choosing photos to display in them.

This morning I went through the collection on my computer, copied a selection onto a USB stick and went in to Fotographix, the Fujifilm shop in Oamaru to get them printed.

They have self-service thingees on which you can download your photos and order prints.

I had started doing it and thought I was doing it well when a shop assistant came up and offered his assistance.

Just in time, as it happened because I had measured the frames in centimetres and hadn’t noticed the machine operated in inches so the photos would have been considerably bigger than the frames had I carried on.

The frames were of different sizes and the assistant stayed for several minutes, converting the centimetres to inches and checking that what I was ordering was what I wanted.

Thanks to his considerable help, it was and I’m grateful for that.

One Response to 366 days of gratitude

  1. fredinthegrass says:

    I feel it has something to with thinking ‘outside’ the square, HP.
    Sometimes it pays to just stay ‘in’ the square!

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