Boxing not right fit for public funds

Duco which is promoting Joseph Parker’s world heavyweight title fight in New Zealand, is seeking public funding:

Boxing requires skill, strength and fitness like other sports.

People get hurt doing it, like other sports.

But unlike other sports, that’s the aim in boxing.

That makes it a bad fit for public funds.

It might gain international attention but it can’t be compared withevents like the Rugby World Cup or next year’s World Shearing and Wool Handling Championships which qualified for major events funds.

They not only had/will have multiple participants they attracted/will attract thousands of visiting supporters and fans over weeks.

2 Responses to Boxing not right fit for public funds

  1. Mr E says:

    I predict boxing will be the first sport outlawed.

    And a significant goal of boxing is to hit until consciousness is compromised. It is beyond doubt that this can cause brain injury.

    At the moment public favours boxing. Millions are raised in pay per view tournaments. But I believe gradually social pressures will outlaw this.

    It is a reminder that often public law is driven but a minority that see outrage when the majority accept.

    Interesting comparisons with work place safety. If an employer requires protection but the staff chose not to abide, the employer is liable. Example helmets on quad bikes.

    Imagine if boxing event organisers were liable for the safety of boxers. Imagine the incident reports, not to mention the near miss reports. Imagine Worksafe rocking up…. The mind boggles.

    And lets not get into animal welfare comparisons. Humans hurt humans for sport. Other humans pay to watch and be entertained. Sounds like something from Roman times. Animals lifted and rolled into trucks – or transported in trucks across the Cook Strait and the moral outrage reaches epic proportions.


  2. Richard says:

    These boxers/promoters are a bunch “chancers” largely associated around the world with the criminal fraternity. I am not distracted by the issue that boxing hurts, its a free choice.
    If this is such a good deal why is Sir Bob Jones not funding it?


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