Thursday’s quiz

You’re invited to pose the questions.

Anyone who stumps everyone will win a virtual carrot cake.

7 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. J Bloggs says:

    1) Who wrote “By the Dry Cardrona”?

    2) Which brand of beer is most closely identified with the Cardrona Hotel?

    3) What motor vehicle race was held on the road to Cardrona’s Snow Farm skifield?

    4) What item of clothing was routinely left on a fence near the road leading to the Cardrona alpine resort?

    5) Are you going away this Labour weekend? (you can probably guess where I’m heading off to)

  2. Paranormal says:

    2) Speights
    3) Race to the sky
    4) bras
    5) happily no, enjoying home comforts and the beauty that is everywhere in Taupo (as well as working through a long list of jobs for a long weekend)

  3. Teletext says:

    J Bloggs

    I agree with all Paranormal’s answers and the answer to #1 is James K Baxter

  4. Teletext says:

    1. What did Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka create?

    2. What was the name of the corporation that they founded?

    3. What sport is George Freeth considered to be the “godfather” of?

    4. “I am the Rider of the wind the Stirrer of the storm” is a piece from what?

    5. Who wrote it?

  5. Gravedodger says:

    @ Teletext
    1 I will assume the Transistor radio.
    2 the Sony Corporation.
    3 Many attribute Freeth as the original surfer but many dolphins and other creatures might have a different “founding document”.

    4 and 5 had to google and that was something that was all new, timeless would sum it up for many.

  6. Gravedodger says:

    1 Who ?- credited as the originator of This coming weekend in NZ,

    2 When ? Date

    3 What ? Format

    4 Why ?. Reasons

    5 How ? Was it instated

  7. Teletext says:


    1. Samuel Parnell

    2. 1890

    3. It was originally a holiday on the second Wednesday in October and in 1910 was “Mondayised” to the 4th Monday in October.

    4. It celebrated the introduction of the 8 hour day which had just become more common practice.

    5. The Liberal govt at the time didn’t want to upset businesses so created the holiday more to appease the workers.

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