Which bird are you?

Which New Zealand bird are you?

Little Blue Penguin

You’re a hard worker… Every morning, you march towards the sea – sometimes negotiating traffic and avoiding dogs – but return at dusk after a hard day’s fishing to hide away for a good night’s sleep.

The little penguin is the smallest species of penguin and found around all coasts of New Zealand’s mainland and many of the surrounding islands.

As with many New Zealand birds, they’re susceptible to predation by introduced predators including cats, dogs and ferrets.

Vote for your favourite native bird during Forest & Bird’s #BirdOfTheYear competition, which runs from October 5 – 25! www.forestandbird.org.nz

Not sure why I got this answer,  I like swimming but wouldn’t want to live on seafood. But I guess it’s appropriate when one of Oamaru’s claims to fame is its Little Blue Penguin colony.


10 Responses to Which bird are you?

  1. Mr E says:

    Kea! ….Whaaaaat!

    Some of you won’t be surprised.

  2. J Bloggs says:

    Kea…..doesn’t really surprise me

  3. Bulaman says:

    Rather be a raptor

  4. Paranormal says:

    Morepork for me. Not sure the algorithm is that accurate but it’s not really that important.

    One evening on the farm we called in a good number that flew around the yard. And this was years before the Maungatoroto pest proof fence was put in.

    If you’re in Rotorua the best place to go is Wingspan. They do a daily falconry display. Before & after the display you can wander around the facility to see NZ native falcons, moreporks, hawks, and barn owls. It’s always fascinating.

  5. pdm` says:

    Morepork – but half the questions had options that were not relevant to me.

  6. TraceyS says:

    Me Kea too!

  7. Paranormal says:

    Whoops I meant Maungatautari http://www.sanctuarymountain.co.nz

  8. Mr E says:

    “Me Kea too!”

    That is such a Kea thing to say.

  9. fredinthegrass says:


  10. Paranormal says:

    Fred, Does it come with wafers?

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