366 days of gratitude

Some people have bad hair days, I tend more towards a bad hair life.

It used to be curly. When I was a student and Barbara Streisand was starring in A Star Is Born with an afro that was fashionable. While friends were spending four or more times the week’s rent on getting their hair permed I could get the same look by shaking my head after a shower.

But with each pregnancy my hair got straighter though not completely straight and it’s now on the untidy part of the range in between smoothly groomed and artfully disheveled except every six to eight weeks when a professional cuts and dries it.

Today was one of those days so my hair is looking as if someone cares for it. That’s a temporary state which will last only until I wash it tomorrow, but I’m none the less grateful for it.

One Response to 366 days of gratitude

  1. fredinthegrass says:

    Small mercies eh, HP!

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