366 days of gratitude

Several years ago the then-mayor told me he was not seeking re-election and asked if I’d consider standing for the position.

I replied that on a scale of one to ten where one was never and ten was I’d kill for the job I was at about minus a hundred.

Local body politicians and the decisions they make have much more day-to-day impact on us than those who serve in central government. I got an insight into their deliberations when I was a reporter but it’s not something I’ve ever contemplated doing.

Plenty of others seek positions on councils and tomorrow we’ll find out which of those who’ve been nominated have been successful in the elections. It will take much longer to determine who is successful in serving.

Theirs isn’t an easy job and in smaller districts it’s not a well-paid one either. But it is a necessary one and I’m grateful to the people who, subject to the voters’ support, are willing and able to do it.


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