Not guilty

Which of the seven deadly sins controls your life?


Your life is ruled by wrath! You are strongly opinionated and inspire others with your passion and creative mind. Compassionate and sympathetic, you stand up for your family and friends with your articulate voice. Still, people don’t want to do wrong by you- your anger manifests itself in impatience, revenge, and self-destructive behavior. Be sure that your pursuit of justice is healthy, and not dangerous!

I plead not guilty to that.

Opinionated yes. Compassionate, sympathetic and standing up for others, yes. Impatience at times but revenge and self-destructive behaviour, hand on heart, no. I know virtue isn’t always rewarded and vice isn’t always punished, but I’d rather leave consequences to karma than waste my energy on revenge.

Had I been asked to plead guilty to one of the seven deadly sins I’ve had admitted to sloth – I do exercise regularly and work consistently, but if I could get the same benefits from lying down with a book in one hand and a box of chocolates close to the other, I would.


2 Responses to Not guilty

  1. pdm` says:

    I got LUST(was hoping) but after reading below don’t think I could stand the pace these days.

    `Your life is ruled by lust! Passionate and sensual, you have a zest for life and love. You’re deeply charismatic and tend to be the center of attention, whether you mean to be or not. Your relationships tend to be intense and consuming- be careful! Although your somewhat impulsive nature might sometimes get you into trouble, your strong sense of self keeps you going.’


  2. fredinthegrass says:

    Wrath. Oh well! I guess it is close to the mark – But I like to think I have a soft side as well!?


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