Friday’s answers

Andrei and J Bloggs posed yesterday’s questions for which they get my thanks.

Should they have stumped us all they can claim a virtual chocolate cake by leaving the answers below.

2 Responses to Friday’s answers

  1. Andrei says:

    1) How many permanent members of the UN Security Council are there and which Nations are they?

    Five – they are Russia, USA, Great Britain, China and France

    (2) How were the permanent members selected?

    During WW2 the Nations fighting against the Axis powers were described as the “United Nations” and the senior members of this coalition found seats at the victors table becomeing the five permanent members

    The situation with France is more complex and is the subject of Q4 and Q5 – France was at the victors table though as a senior member of the coalition

    (3) What was Alger Hiss’s role in the UN?

    Algier Hiss was secretary General of the United Nations in 1945 as it was transformed from a coalition to beat the Axis Powers into an international forum to maintain the Post WW2 world order

    He was later of course famously imprisoned after being convicted of perjury by Richard Nixon

    (4) What was the Normandie-Niemen?

    This was a Free French Fighter Battalion sent to fight alongside the Soviets by Charles de Gaulle. Charles de Gaulle was positioning the Free French as the legitimate French Government in exile and felt it important that France contributed in all theatres of WW2

    The Normandie-Niemen first fought at Stalingrad and continued to fight alongside the Soviets with distinction until the end of the war producing over 20 fighter aces and three Heroes of the Soviet Union

    This Battalion still exists in the French Airforce and there is a battalion of this name in the Russian Airforce as well

    (5) How did France get its seat as a permanent member? (Hard)

    When it became obvious during the Battle of France that France would be overrun Paul Reynaud, Prime Minister of the Third French Republic was determined that France would never surrender but would fall back to Brittainy or Algeria to continue the fight

    To this end he appointed his most successful battlefield commander Charles de Gaulle, then a colonel to Cabinet promoting him to Brigadier General (Brevet)

    However Paul Reynaud was later dismissed and replaced by Petain who dissolved the French Third Republic and sought an armistice with Germany – The Deputies and Senators who voted against this were arrested as were the Deputies and Senators who tried to flee to Algeria to set up a Government in exile there

    de Gaulle was in England when this occured and set up the Free French as the “legitimate” French Government in exile. The USA not in the war yet recognized the Petain Government (Vichey French) and refused to acknowledge de Gaulle and pushed the British to distance themselves from him

    de Gaulle was too useful to be pushed completely under the bus though and spent the next few years building up the Free French forces and encouraging the growth of French Resistence

    In 1944 faced with the prospect of Governing France with its plethora of armed resistance groups, some of whom were loyal to de Gaulle and who would not relish American and British occupation any more than German the British and Americans turned to him and he drove a hard bargain – He would be the ultimate French Authority and an equal in the coalition or he wouldn’t play ball – Thus establishing the Fourth French Republic and gaining a seat at the victors table.

    de Gaulle was a great man but his relations with what he called the Anglo Saxons were prickly and had their genesis in the events of WW2 when he spent several years marginalized and out of the loop.

  2. J Bloggs says:

    1) Chooser of the slain

    2) Odin & Freya – The valkyries would choose the greatest warriors and half would go to Odin, the other half to Freya.

    3) Sigurd & Brynhildr (Wagner later plundered the Volsung saga wholesale for his operas, and renamed the central characters Seigfried and Brunhilda)

    4) The XB-70 mach 3 bomber – only 2 were ever built, as the development of surface to air missiles rendered their role obsolete.

    5) Operation Valkyrie was the plan for the german army to impose martial law on Nazi Germany, in the event of failure of the civilian government to maintain law and order. It was co-opted by the July 20 1944 plotters as a means of seizing control if they had successfully assassinated Hitler.

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