Rowarth vs Joy

Jamie Mackay hosted a debate on water quality between Professor Jacqueline Rowarth and Dr Mike Joy on The Country yesterday.

. . . When discussing the fencing of waterways and keeping stock away from streams and rivers, Dr Joy said animals should be out of the food chain by 2050 for other reasons too including climate change and energy transfer.

Professor Rowarth said there is no evidence intensive dairy farming caused the Havelock North water contamination crisis and that the solution lies with smarter feeding of cows and better systems to capture and utilise effluent and nitrogen run-off. 

You’ll find parts one and two of the debate if you click on the link above.

4 Responses to Rowarth vs Joy

  1. Paul Scott says:

    Within the thirty years [ till 2050 ], it is likely that genetic modification will be producing tasty meat, grown in brine. There will still be mixed farms of course, because by then organic will likely mean farm grown.
    Joy is a fanatic, and engaging fanatics is counter productive and contra indicated. They just keep making make more noise.
    Generally if you just ignore the warmers and their religious science, they just go away to away to annoy someone else .


  2. Haha Mike Joy’s credibility slips with everything he does these days.


  3. Will says:

    Professor Rowarth has been a good friend to farmers over the years. One of very few academics prepared to stick up for us. I for one, am not ungrateful.


  4. Mr E says:

    I think we can break this debate down.

    On the matter of the cause of the Havelock north water quality contamination-
    Prof Rowarth points to the fact that sheep graze around the bore head, the well head is not sealed properly, there was flooding 10 days prior to the incident.
    Dr Joy says it is a symptom of intensive farming.

    Neither can know. Neither can say with any certainty. Neither could be known as right.

    Both are pre-empting a Government investigation of the issue, on scant facts.

    At least Rowarth pointed out the doubt in her theory by using the word “apparently”.

    IMO Rowarth wins. Only the future reporting will determine who was better at predicting the cause.

    Regarding solutions to Water quality in NZ.

    Dr Joy says we need to remove all cattle from waterways. He then goes on to say we need all animals gone. And the world is going to “hell in a hand basket” and draws analogies with hospice care – and dying.

    Prof Rowarth says the solution lies in smarter grazing systems.

    IMO Rowarth wins this one. A reboot of the system is not needed IMO. Some rethinking is required and I think what Prof Rowarth is suggesting could work.
    Durational grazing etc.

    Science supports Rowarth.

    Prof Rowarth wins.

    Dr Joy is still using hyperbole, and claiming issues are connected when he cannot say with certainty.


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