Living hope

There’s the Olympics which get attention and Olympians who get the glory.

Then there’s the Paralympics which get less attention and Paralympians who are sometimes seen as lesser athletes than able-bodied ones.

*Robert Fulghum puts it better than I could:

The competitors at the Paralympics are people with no legs or arms who swim and row and cycle and run and jump. People who are blind and deaf and run races. People with Down Syndrome compete. There’s the guy who had no arms who won silver in archery, for god’s sake, and many of the participants have been torn apart in military combat and came back to compete with what was left of their bodies. . . 

The mantra of our times is that “we gotta have hope,” but the competitors at the Paralympics live hope. Hope is not an abstract ideal for them – it’s a reality created by courage and pain and determination and . . .

I am in awe of the determination, focus, hard work and sacrifice it takes to get to the top in any sport. Olympians or Paralympians – they’re all champions in my eyes.

* I encourage you to click on the link to read Fulghum’s post in full.

2 Responses to Living hope

  1. Andrei says:

    It would be mean to rain on the parade of those who have competed with distinction during this Olympiad

    So I have held my tongue

    But I cannot forget that some were unjustly excluded for reasons of politics and that this was driven by the Anglo world and its hypocrisy

    And I know full well that at least one kiwi medalist absolutely benefited from this injustice, I wont say who, but I wonder if that person acknowledges that deep down. I hope that person goes on and perhaps wins more medals on a more level playing field – whatever time will tell

    This now will move to the civil courts, a process that will not be completed until after the next Olympiad or even the one after that – Justice of a sorts will eventually prevail but it will take years and when it comes will mean nothing to the hoi polloi whose attention span is little more than that of a gnat

    Celebrity is fickle though


  2. Teletext says:

    It was interesting that the 1500 metres for the vision impaired was won by a runner whose time was faster than the winning time in the men’s 1500 at the Olympics. Who says these are lesser games???


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