366 days of gratitude

In Dunedin 10 days ago I tried to pay for lunch with my credit card. The transaction was cancelled.

I knew there was more than enough credit in the account so tried again. It was cancelled again.

I paid cash.

An hour or so later I tried to pay for a purchase at a shop with the credit card. It wouldn’t work.

I went to the bank, the teller put the card in the hole in the wall and got a message saying the chip was damaged.

She said that was happening to cards used to self-checkouts in supermarkets. That doesn’t make sense when the card thingees are the same as those at checkouts with staff but I didn’t argue with her.

She said the bank would send me a new card and that would take about seven working days.

I found the new card in the mail that had arrived when I was away at the end of last week when I got home yesterday and it worked at the supermarket where I used it for the first time today. I’m grateful for that and that being credit-cardless for 10 days wasn’t a problem because I know that for some people it would have been.

One Response to 366 days of gratitude

  1. Paul Scott says:

    Ele, you are gracious. To be honest we have very little to be grateful of, with Banks. I am paying about bank charge 5% exchange rate over and above official exchange rates, Its Bank theft.
    I carry an eftpos card on the street in Bangkok, which when pick pocketed by the slim boys on Patpong road, is not too much loss. I leave a card in the car at home, and here , I keep the credit card with my passport, always in the apartment or home.
    That is always a spare card

    “Mum have you seen my passport, I can’t find my passport Mum, its lost”
    It will be where you left it, where did you leave it
    “We’ve been though this before Mum, I wouldn’t be looking for it, if it wasn’t lost “

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