366 days of gratitude

A place for everything and everything in its place.

If only my office was like this.

Most things in the room do have a place and some of them can usually be found there most of the time.

But other things get used and put down rather than put away and other things which have yet to find a home  clutter the top of the desk.

Every now and then I resolve to declutter and begin to find homes for the homeless. However I’m always left with a few things which defy categorisation and have no logical place to go or which I don’t have the time or inclination to deal with.

That’s when I resort to the laundry basket file.

I first used it when I ran out of time to tidy up and swept everything  left on the top of the desk into a plastic laundry basket and put it in my wardrobe.

Some months later I retrieved the basket and found that about a third of the contents could be filed, more than a third could be thrown out and the rest required more thought.

I dealt with some of the rest but ran out of time and the will to deal with all of it and put what was left back in the basket.

And so a cycle began – when the basket gets too full I deal with the contents, file about a third, ditch more than a third and deal with some of what’s left before putting what’s not dealt with back in the basket.

It’s not the most efficient system, but it works for me and does help keep the surface of my desk relatively clear and for that small mercy I’m grateful.



2 Responses to 366 days of gratitude

  1. fredinthegrass says:

    HP, that seems like a brilliant idea.
    Trouble is there is no room in our wardrobe for the laundry basket – full or empty!

  2. Paul Scott says:

    Yes, but when you took it away from the laundry basket, where exactly, did you file it. I was always looking for things, and it’s best if there is woman in the room, they always know where my stuff is, especially keys.
    When something can not be found, I go into a ritual of just putting things away where they might belong, . Start in the office and work backwards out to the car and the garage.
    When you eventually find it, there is no need to put anything else away till the next loss.

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