Friday’s answers

Andrei posed the questions again, gaining a virtual chocolate cake for perseverance.

Should you have stumped us all you can claim a virtual bouquet of spring flowers by leaving the answers below.




One Response to Friday’s answers

  1. Andrei says:

    The Questions

    (1) Who was Meyer Lansky?

    (2) Who was his early collaborator?

    (3) What modern American industry did he pioneer?

    (4) “We’re bigger than U.S. Steel” is a famous Meyer Lansky quotation – in what movie did a character, modeled after him utter these words?

    (5) Meyer Lansky has been portrayed as a character in many films either by name or thinly disguised can you name three actors who have played him?

    Gravedodger got four out of five so I can claim both rewards 🙂

    (1) Meyer Lansky was at the center of American organized crime for decades and often known as the “mobs accountant” – a financial genius and entrepreneur and perhaps the real power behind the American Mafia

    (2) A friend from teenage years was Salvatore or Charles (Lucky) Luciano who became the leader of the American Mafia in the 1930s with Meyer Lansky’s help and guidance

    (3) Meyer Lansky developed the modern American Casino in the 1930s – though gambling was illegal he used mob money to develop hotels and casinos in resort towns and bought off local authorities to turn a blind eye – these casinos were well run, scrupulously “fair” ie rigged games were a no no and the local population actively discouraged from patronising them – thus the communities benefited and any problems were shifted elsewhere – so they flourished until the Federal Government got interested

    He built Las Vegas gambling after the war and controlled the tourist and gambling business in Cuba until kicked out by Castro

    (4) The line is from Godfather II said by a character called Hyman Roth who was recognizably Meyer Lansky – When Mayer Lansky saw the film he called the actor who played Hyman Roth, Lee Strasberg, and congratulated him on his portrayal but said he should have made him a more sympathetic character 🙂

    (5) Gravedodger put forward Ben Kingsly (Bugsy (1991)) , Dustin Hoffman (The Lost City), Patrick Dempsey (Mobsters)

    others include Mark Rydell, Richard Dreyfus, Anatol Yusef, Patrick Fischler

    There are even more especially if you consider those where his name has been changed but the character is clearly based on Meyer Lansky as in Hyman Roth

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