What to look for in councillor

Annette Main, mayor of Whanganui, isn’t seeking re-election.

She wrote a Facebook post giving her views on what to look for in those seeking your vote:

Avoid those who use ‘I ‘ constantly.
Avoid those who don’t listen.
Avoid those who continually tell you what they have achieved , even if it has no relevance to the role they are seeking.
Avoid those who attack others views, rather than articulate theirs.
Avoid those who are standing on one issue.
Avoid those who don’t answer the simple question you ask.

Instead ….
Talk to those who sound passionate about where they live and want to make it better.
Ask them why they really want to give up their time to work on your behalf.
Ask them what they know about the Local Government Act .
Ask them about their responsibilities to the Treaty
Ask them how they can help Whanganui work for all of us.

The answers they give will hopefully provide you with the confidence you need to make your decision before October 8th.
Please vote, please vote wisely, and encourage everyone you know to think about the place we live and who we want making the decisions which guide our future.

This is good advice, wherever you live and whether the candidates are standing for local or central government.

8 Responses to What to look for in councillor

  1. TraceyS says:

    Hope Dave K isn’t too busy campaigning to see this post 🙂


  2. Mr E says:


    “Avoid those who don’t listen”

    I suspect your point is moot.


  3. TraceyS says:

    1) “Avoid those who are standing on one issue”
    2) “Avoid those who don’t answer the simple question you ask”

    While the Greens, and indeed Dave, try to make a stand on several issues, these all basically feed into to reducing greenhouse gas pollution as the core issue. So I see them as standing on one issue when all the layers are peeled back.

    On point 2) – rarely have I received a short answer from Dave and I have asked many questions.

    On listening, I think that he listens, and he’s certainly passionate.


  4. Mr E says:

    There is listening and there is listening.


  5. TraceyS says:

    I like to give those who don’t appear to listen the benefit of the doubt because some people just need longer to process things. It may look like they haven’t listened but this may simply be because they haven’t yet experienced the “aha!” moment which can sometimes come at odd times like the middle of the night.

    But then again, perhaps I am overly charitable.


  6. Paranormal says:

    What worries me is this constant reference to “responsibilities to the Treaty”.

    Oh rilly?


  7. Miranda Smith says:

    Was shown this on the Facebook page of a Lower Hutt Councillor Max Shierlaw.

    Why did he post it? 😉 😉


  8. Will says:

    Maybe it’s a trick question Paranormal. The answer could be very useful.


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