366 days of gratitude

My farmer had a meeting in Dunedin this afternoon which gave me an opportunity to have a couple of hours in the city.

My mother’s family lived there so we went down periodically when I was young to visit relatives which also provided the opportunity to go to Moana Pool.

Like most who studied at Otago, I hold fond memories of Dunedin as a student city.

A few years later my children were born there and although two of them also died there the standard of care we received takes the edge off that sadness.

Later still I returned to the city to study again which gave me a different but still positive perspective on Dunedin student life.

When I’ve gone down more recently it’s been for a particular purpose so I enjoyed the opportunity for a little retail therapy and a wander this afternoon.

Today I’m grateful for memories of Dunedin. being able to visit the city and also that I can come home to the country.

4 Responses to 366 days of gratitude

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Swmbo has equally fond memories after two years first posting s a schol dental nurse in the early siixties in north Dunedin.
    A challange not as tragic as yours in the hospital some fifteen years later with a serious spinal cancer scare withr s even days for moi to contemplate a post op warning that the tumour ws almost certain to be malignant until a reprieve.
    She still however maintains a special regard for that city of scarfies and socialists.

  2. Mr E says:

    I think it is easy to admire Dunedin through visitations. I think the CBD has improved significantly in it’s attraction in recent years.

    I too have fond memories of Dunedin.

    I too have hospital memories of Dunedin and cannot ignore the value of care received. My personal wellbeing has been in the hands of caring people and existence of my family life has been held in balance by those people.

    Reading this thread my admiration of of Dunedin is quickly replaced with contemplation of the things that Ele has been through with the loss of her children.

    My contemplation drives me to consider myself in the same situation. Sadness ensues.

    My contemplation drives me to consider the process of moving forward during such times. Respect and admiration ensues.

    After a whirlwind of emotion for a person I have never met, I find myself contemplating how great it is that we humans can have such empathy.

    It may well be considered as a weakness by some, but I think our ability to share and care makes us great as a species.

    Today I am grateful for Ele’s story, the emotion it stirs, and the reminder of the goodness in human spirit.

  3. homepaddock says:

    Thank you Mr E. I write about Tom and Dan because their lives and deaths were and still are an important part of our lives.

    I also write about them because learning of other people’s experiences and knowing they hadn’t let tragedy stop them living full and fulfilling lives helped and encouraged me. Their examples showed me that life not only goes on, it can go on happily.

  4. TraceyS says:

    What I like most about Dunedin is always bumping into someone I know. Yesterday, you, and on my last visit three people in the Gardens New World. It sometimes takes a while to get things done if you stop and talk but it’s nice.

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