Quote of the day

One hour of life, crowded to the full with glorious action, and filled with noble risks, is worth whole years of those mean observances of paltry decorum, in which men steal through existence, like sluggish waters through a marsh, without either honor or observation. Sir Walter Scott who was born on this day in 1771.

4 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Will says:

    I quite like that. Today we have Neil Young.

    “It’s better to burn out,

    than it is to rust.”

    Which is also good.


  2. Andrei says:

    And Blondie as well Will

    “Die young stay pretty”

    Debbie Harry is 71 now and with plastic surgery, make up and clever use of lighting can disguise it a bit.

    There is a theological issue touched upon here – but I’m not in the mood for expounding on Christian mysticism nor really equipped to do the matter justice


  3. Will says:

    The years have not been too kind to Neil for that matter.


  4. Will says:

    It’s an ancient theme – Achilles’ choice.


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