Word of the day

Gold –  a yellow malleable ductile metallic element that occurs chiefly free or in a few minerals, with the chemical element of atomic number 79; and is used especially in coins, jewellery, and dentures  and to guarantee the value of currencies; a monetary standard based on this metal; something likened to this metal in brightness, preciousness or superiority; a deep lustrous yellow or yellow-brown colour; a quantity of gold coins; money, wealth, riches; a medal awarded as the first prize in a competition; consisting of, like or pertaining to gold; indicating the fiftieth event of a series, as a wedding anniversary; (of a record, CD, or cassette) having sold a minimum of 500,000copies.


One Response to Word of the day

  1. Paul Scott says:

    Is ‘Gold’ a homonym. [ different meanings ]
    ‘We went for a walk in the hills’ .
    ‘Nice, what was it like ?’
    ‘Awesome [ another homonym] it was gold ‘ [ really good ]

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