Green’s red roots showing

Does the Labour Party know about the Green’s proposal to socialise all health services?:

. . . Green Party health spokesman Kevin Hague said he would get rid of private healthcare altogether. 

“I think that distorts the health sector completely and produces a two-tier system.” . . .

This not only shows the Green’s red roots, it also shows a woeful understanding of how the health sector works.

Medical specialists usually work in both public and private hospitals. The work they do in private hospitals, paid for by individuals or insurance companies, takes pressure off public services.

ACC also uses private specialists to get people back to work sooner than if they had to go on public waiting lists.

But private healthcare isn’t just medical specialists in private hospitals. It’s general practitioners, dentists, orthodontists, optometrists, physiotherapists, radiologists, laboratories  . . .

Does Hague really think all these services should be publicly owned and funded?

The Memorandum of Understanding between Labour and the Green Party included a no surprises clause.

Last week Metiria Turei announced the desire to slash the value of houses by 50%. This week Hague is planning to socialise all health services.

I suspect both came as a surprise to their would-be coalition partner.

3 Responses to Green’s red roots showing

  1. Mr E says:

    I don;t think the agreement the Greens have with Labour is anything to do with policy. It is about politics.


  2. Gravedodger says:

    The red underpants are showing Kevvie. If you should get your proletarian wish our entire health care system would grind to a very sad chaotic disastrous halt as to get the public system to cope with the private hospitals share that would close and their equipment be put in storage, would see utter mayhem.

    There is little delay for critical care for most medical procedures that require a life saving move apart from the serious and totally unforeseeable overload that occurs on a random basis most Friday and Saturday nights from the hedonistic and totally without risk analysis behaviour that just happens. The only unpredictable being where and what time

    Just as with your equally intelligence challenged co leader who advocates the destruction of 50% of the life savings of every struggler who only has their family home as a savings asset, to achieve an equally mystical and bereft of any economic statist ideal.

    Keep up the great work morons Shaw and McCarten must be tearing their hair out in clumps as any semblance of a “no surprises” policy fratricide occurs on a weekly basis. While poor old Andy is left wondering what happened there.

    Next week a factory to be built in Petone to assemble Trabants with electric motors, torch batteries and a sola panel roof for the plebs.

    The Zil for the party elite will be made in Mangere with the following design criteria:
    Equipped with a V8 7-liter engine, capable of delivering 296 bhp, the car will able to reach top speeds of 118 mph, and go from 0-60 in 12.8 sec. Admittedly, that’s quite a performance for a 7,000-pound car originally built over 40 years ago.
    The melons will inform their admiring public via a still unquestioning MSM, this gas guzzler is required as the party apparatchiks are needed to keep things running without any inconvenience such as a flat battery pak.


  3. Paul Scott says:

    This stuff from the Red Greens is truly outstanding. One of the most difficult realities of medicine, is that costs escalate well ahead of inflation. This has been a world wide trend for several generations.
    My grandfather could not consider a hip transplant or heart surgery. He couldn’t even get Tramadol for his back. Neither can I in NZ by the way, I have to buy it over the counter in Thailand.
    Look Mum no useless NZ self protecting doctor.
    The costs/ return reality leads naturally to a tiered health system . That is that, I simply can not pay for an expensive medical procedure.
    I don’t expect Ele or the Gravedodger to pay for me, and I know the socialist Greens are just fanciful, stupid dreamers.
    So I have good but not the best extremely expensive health care available to me. These are the facts.
    Another fact on the supply side is that private Health Insurers will escalate your costs, purposefully to be rid of you in your sixties.
    But that does not change the reality. I can not afford a house in central Auckland either, and that is not the taxpayers job, to serve me luxury living.
    The Greens, and Green peace are enemies to the people, science, and society.


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