366 days of gratitude

Tonight I happened to run into someone who I used to dislike because I let politics get personal.

He recognised me though asked after someone else’s husband  with whom he’d confused me (the someone else not the husband) and then said something else about my family that he’d remembered incorrectly and was then very apologetic.

I said it didn’t matter and it didn’t. It must be more than 10 years since we’d seen each other so a little confusion over which husband went with which woman and misremembering other details are understandable.

I laughed, he laughed and it reminded me that having differing political views should be just a difference of opinion and  should not turn into personal dislike.

Most people involved in politics at any level are there as a form of community service and most share a similar desire to make our country better. It’s not where we want to go but how to get there that becomes a matter of contention and that shouldn’t turn into animosity.

Tonight I’m grateful for the reminder to separate the political from the personal.


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