366 days of gratitude

Late afternoon and thoughts of what we could have for dinner were going through my mind, none of which induced much enthusiasm.

I asked my farmer what he’d like and he suggested something which required no cooking or dishes.

Tonight I’m grateful for take-away pizza.

One Response to 366 days of gratitude

  1. Paul Scott says:

    I was immediately led to look up your history person , founder of Bogota, one Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada.
    It struck me as interesting because the elusive Don Quixote [by Cervantes], was also perhaps named Quesada. Cervantes writes about him as though not sure of his name. The facial resemblance to the images given of Quixote are quite telling. Also the adventurous nature of the man, and his intellect. He may well have been a hero to Cervanates who was born in 1547. Cervantes himself was an unlikely hero in the wars against the Turks, and at Lepanto. He was ingenious and courageous. So now I will read about Quesada because I am fairly sure he is the model for Quixote

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