366 days of gratitude

When I read the many stories on homelessness and people dealing with extreme poverty I wonder where their families and friends are.

For a myriad of reasons, not everyone is blessed with people in their lives on whom they can call and rely.

We had a meal with my farmer’s sister and her husband this evening.

It reminded me that we are blessed with a close extended family and good friends and I’m grateful for them.


One Response to 366 days of gratitude

  1. Paul Scott says:

    Where I am now, poverty is not individual.
    In Thailand you look after your father and Mother before yourself.
    Then yourself, the rest of the family. Then the village.
    Many Westerners [ men ] come over here, thinking that a Thai girl will behave like a Westerner, given the right circumstances.
    You may as well say you can rip the DNA out of them.
    There are some incredibly stupid things about Thailand, but their way of looking after family is not one of them.

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