Friday’s answers

J Bloggs, Andrei, Teletext and Freddy posed the questions for which they get my thanks.

Should they have stumped us all they can claim a virtual bunch of winter sweet by leaving the answer below.

4 Responses to Friday’s answers

  1. Andrei says:

    (1) Who was Jethro Tull (not the band) and what is he famous for?

    Jethro Tull was a pioneer in developing farming methods to increase crop yield and quality and wrote several books on the subject

    He invented the seed drill and kicked off the agricultural revolution

    For which we all owe him thanks

    (2) Who was James Hargreaves and what is his claim to fame?

    He invented the spinning jenny which increased the amount of yarn a worker could produce eightfold thus making yarn cheaper and the worker richer – an early development of the industrial revolution

    (3) Who was Richard Trevithick and in what field was he a pioneer?

    He was a steam engine pioneer perfecting the high pressure boiler leading to steam powered machines for industrial purposes and locomotives

    (4) Who built the SS Great Britain and what features did it pioneer?

    Isambard Kingdom Brunel one of the greatest engineers of all time

    It was the first large Iron ship and the first big ship to be powered by a screw rather than paddle wheels – it was the largest ship in the world when built. It was designed for the North Atlantic route but various problems limited its success on that route and it ended up as an emigrant ship taking people to Australia, a role it continued in for over thirty years

    (5) Who was Josiah Wedgwood and who was his most famous Grandson?

    He was a pioneer in the industrial production of crockery and a humanitarian – his descendants included many scientists including his grandson Charles Darwin


  2. J Bloggs says:

    1) Plymouth, Monserrat was evacuated in 1995 due to a volcanic eruption, and was largely buried following further eruptions in 1997. This makes it the only capital of a political territory that is a ghost town.

    2) Great Britian is one of 5 countries (along with France, Switzerland, Australia, and Greece) to have attended every single summer olympic games held, but is the only nation to have won at least one gold medal at every one of those games.

    3) The doyen of F1 commentators, Murray Walker

    4) Andrie nailed this one, so will just copy his answer – This hotel straddles the French-Swiss border. During WW2 the Germans could only enter the French part – in particular the stairs to the upper floor passed into Switzerland so the Germans could not access the upper floor without violating Swiss territory.

    5) 3


  3. Teletext says:

    Who are or were the following better known as?

    1. Robert Leroy Parker
    Butch Cassidy

    2. Harry Alonzo Longabaugh
    of course The Sundance Kid

    3. Virginia Katherine McMath
    Ginger Rogers

    4. Anne Francis Robbins
    Nancy Reagan

    5. Vincent Damien Furnier
    Alice Cooper

    6. Joseph Yule
    Mickey Rooney

    7. David D Kaminsky
    Danny Kaye

    8. Borge Rosenbaum
    Victor Borge

    9. Frances Ethel Gumm
    Judy Garland

    10. Leonard Franklin Slye
    Roy Rogers


  4. Freddy says:

    Not bad Teletext, however I wasn’t expecting anyone to get the answers without googling ( which was kinda the point )
    1. 1837 in Riverton
    2. 1946
    3. 8,000,000 so 800k/year. The total population at the time was about 60m
    4. 4, but that’s for every ha in the NI. It’s thought that the density is more like 25/ha in bush that boundaries farmland.
    5. 19612, it pays to remember that eradication doesn’t happen until the last pest is removed. Kapiti is only 1965ha.


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