Three years too long for excuses

Environment Canterbury has run out of patience with farmers who are breaching water right consents:

The Canterbury Regional Council has issued a final warning to farmers who are breaching water consent rules, and says it will start initiating prosecutions soon.

The council has moved to enforce the requirement for water meters, after Forest and Bird complained about the number of farmers still breaching the rules three years after they came into force.

The council’s chief executive, Bill Bayfield, said in the last five years they had gone from having only 500 farmers with water meters to over 5000.

He said they were now working on the final 200 to 250 farmers who still didn’t have the water meters required under water consents. . . 

The non-complying farmers are lucky they’re getting another warning.

Water rights come with responsibilities, one of which is to have a meter.

A little leeway at the start of new conditions can be appropriate but three years is too long for excuses for having no meter.


2 Responses to Three years too long for excuses

  1. Paul Scott says:

    Everywhere water metres appear,, we end up paying for water use. Not the meter, the water. So who owns this water. Oh I see the Council, therefore the Government, and therefor Ngai Tahu. Take your water meter and shove it.

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