366 days of gratitude

Socks usually come in pairs but often act as individuals – getting lost or developing holes singly.

This leaves a number of odd socks in a drawer, waiting in the hope a lost mate or a matching one which isn’t holey will be found.

The odds of that aren’t high, but every now and then a stray or hole-less sock does reappear to turn a useless single into a usable pair and for that I’m grateful.



One Response to 366 days of gratitude

  1. Paul Scott says:

    Yes, I am a specialist on lost socks. After many years of experience, I once bought 12 pairs of identical black socks at a time , so that loss would be inconsequential. However the answer is surprisingly simple.. The small dark goblins at night have glee in hiding one sock at a time, especially a man’s sock, since he is too lazy to look. With further glee, as soon as he throws out the single lonely sock, they return its mate, to an obvious place like the washing basket.
    Now, attempting to poison goblins with laced food does not work. They seem to be of another world. They do keys too, of course, but that’s the really bad goblins, the main activity is socks.

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