Conserving NZ sq metre by sq metre

Making New Zealand Predator Free by 2050 is an audacious goal and it will be expensive but we could adopt a cunning plan used in Scotland to help pay for it.

Highland Titles is conserving Scotland one square foot at a time by selling plots of land from 1 square foot to 1,000 square feet in Glencoe Wood and Mountainview Bumblebee Haven.

Buyers get  a personal right to a plot of land, complete with a precise Ordnance Survey grid reference, a certificate, plot ID card,  landowner’s handbook and the right to  call themselves Lady, Lord or Laird of Glencoe.

Highland Titles Limited remains the registered owner of the land which it manages as a nature reserve.

Highland Titles is owned by a charitable trust which ensures that the land can only ever be used for conservation purposes.

The idea of private funding of public conservation land could be controversial but the Highland Titles model would ensure that while owners got personal rights to the land, its ownership was retained by the state.

The campaign to buy Awaroa Beach and gift it to the state shows the New Zealanders are prepared to put their money into public land.

It wouldn’t be hard to sell locals and tourists the idea of conserving New Zealand square metre by square metre and put the money raised towards making the country predator free.

I’d be up for at least one plot in Aspiring National Park.

New Zealand National Party's photo.

5 Responses to Conserving NZ sq metre by sq metre

  1. Mr E says:

    I suspect getting a title – would be a deterrent rather than an attractant.

    The biggest opportunity is going to be getting buy in from the tax payer. We will need to harness inkind efforts from nearly every to get anywhere near the goal.

    We will also probably need people to through down illogical aversions to GE.

  2. homepaddock says:

    You wouldn’t want to be Laird, Lord (or the NZ equivalent) E of Fiordland?

  3. Mr E says:

    I couldn’t think of anything worse…. When I venture into Fiordland I am always humbled. Associating a title designed to pose some controlling right or authority would be completely against my nature. When I enter the bush – the title ‘servant’ seems more appropriate.

    Besides apparently Lord-e has already been flogged. I doubt I would survive the law suit.

  4. JC says:

    This is essentially the way one large NZ forestry investment is set up. The investor “owns” one hectare of P radiata trees, the costs of planting and maintenance and the eventual revenue from that hectare.

    In effect its little different to investing in shares in the forest but the appeal of a form of ownership of a hectare is attractive and a good “hook” in marketing.

    Doing something similar in conservation should work quite well.. even without the fancy name 🙂


  5. Paul Scott says:

    I thought rural people would be able to see the unrealistic nonsense that this proposal is. See if you can catch the fast breeding mutant ninja rats in our own highlands
    Hey Mum, look there’s a cuckoo loose in the tree.
    The Government wants to make New Zealand predator-free by 2050, formally adopting a target to eradicate all pests that threaten New Zealand’s native birds.
    I am just thinking, is there anyone in there [ NZ Parliament ] with any clue about biology, species survival, species replacement, mutations,.general stuff.
    You would think the farmers would be able to tell them.
    David Farrar over at Kiwi propaganda blog says it might cost 10 billion, but hey who’s counting. Jesus how did these foxes and racoons get here.

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