Word of the day

Poon  – a simple,  foolish or ineffectual person; any of several trees (genus Calophyllum) of the East Indies and the Pacific islands; the hard light wood of poon used especially for masts and spars; to put something under the leg of a table to stop it rocking; to dress in such a way as to attract attention, typically with sexual success in view.


One Response to Word of the day

  1. Paul Scott says:

    I just stuck some poons under the chairs here today. We have tile floors, and its awful to hear the chair screams at night. It says on the packet “”Woollen glue”” Thats Thai for saying the round disc is woollen the floor side and sticky on the chair side. But it also says
    “”stick it on your love things”” , so is that the sexual success bit. Poon. Poon, yes good.

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