366 days of gratitude

It’s a first world problem – finding somewhere to plug in computers and chargers when you’re away from home.

If you’re travelling with someone else and both have phones and lap tops or tablets you might need at least four.

Some places have enough in accessible places, some don’t. In one hotel room, the only plugs I could find were behind furniture and in use for the TV and fridge.

When we altered our house a few years ago the electrician asked us how many three-pin plugs we wanted and where we wanted them.

We asked for lots and to have them where they were easy to access.

That’s what we’ve got and as I plugged in both an iPad and mobile phone this evening without having to move from my desk I was reminded that I’m grateful for them.

4 Responses to 366 days of gratitude

  1. Andrei says:

    You can buy charging packs – I’ve got two, it depends the device how many recharges they will hold but I can charge my S6 about four times with one, my wifes phone can be charged 6 times

    And for home use ‘we have a box with 6 usb ports some of which are always in use such is the ubiquity of usb rechargeable devices

  2. Freddy says:

    Yip, get yourself a multi port usb adaptor for your travel bag.

  3. Paranormal says:

    The best advice we took was to throw in a multi board and use it with a single international adapter plug Worked a treat in Europe with 6 of us travelling together in January.

  4. Paul Scott says:

    I checked the plugs I had running in the Office at home. There were 22. No person believed me so I wrote all the links down. And I don’t even work. Here in Bangkok I have two Thai plug boxes, transfer plugs, and a NZ plug box. I have an entire travel electrical bag.
    If you run out of camera battery like I did on the third class train to Makachia, there is one loose unit waiting for you at the station there. Take rubber gloves. In fact use rubber gloves all over Thailand. Its a common trick to twist bend our diagonal pins toward the parallel type for USA and Thailand.

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