366 days of kindness

Twelve of the 19 of us who explored India together nearly two years ago spent the weekend in Wanaka.

Before the Indian expedition all of us knew some of the others but only two knew all of us. By the end of the trip we all knew everyone and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.

Most of us caught up a few weeks after the trip for a reunion at Arrowtown’s Long Lunch – a charity fundraiser at which our guide, Shami Sandhu had a table for her restaurant Mantra.

Most of us met again last May, the women for a Laughter Yoga workshop, the men to play golf, shoot ducks and inspect farms.

This weekend our plans to go dog-sledding were thwarted by the weather but that didn’t stop us having a wonderful weekend, talking, laughing and generally enjoying each other’s company.

One of the group prefers to talk about being blessed rather than lucky.

This weekend we were blessed with good times with good friends and I’m grateful for that.

One Response to 366 days of kindness

  1. Paul Scott says:

    Yes it sounds good, but I am a little worried about this women for a Laughter Yoga workshop . I tried Yoga, it made me cry, but if the women see it as fun, then that certainly is a lucky blessing strange .


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