366 days of gratitude

I’m old enough to have called them Chinese gooseberries.

That name wasn’t suited to export markets and their name was changed to kiwifruit – or more commonly everywhere except New Zealand and Australia, they’re known simply as kiwis.

I eat them on toast with cottage cheese and in yogurt with sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

They also go well with ham and camembert or brie in sandwiches, look and taste good in fruit salad, are the equal of strawberries or raspberries for topping pavlovas and of course are good eaten by themselves.

They are nutrient dense and delicious  and I’m grateful that they are both plentiful and inexpensive.


Apropos of fruit formerly known as something else, at much the same time Chinese gooseberries became kiwifruit, tree tomatoes became tamarillos. They too have nutritional value but I haven’t learned to like them yet.


4 Responses to 366 days of gratitude

  1. Paranormal says:

    Ele, I’m sure your opinion of Tamarillos will change if you tried cold meat with tamarillo chutney.

  2. Paul Scott says:

    Kiwi fruit sells well over here in Bangkok. Apples best. Thais see our fruit as a luxury food. However the name Kiwi is being stolen by various here, in kitchen utensils, and bits and pieces.
    NZ pays 7% trade tariff on fruit entering Thailand.

    I like the idea of your gratitude post each day

  3. TraceyS says:

    When I was a child they cost $2.50 each!

    We had one, once a year, on the Christmas pav.

    Now I grow smooth-skinned cocktail ones in my garden. This, to me, is a symbol of success in so many ways.

  4. TraceyS says:

    Tree Tomatoes are a relative of our native Poroporo which you were no doubt taught to avoid as a child, Ele, as I was. We called it “deadly nightshade”, which it isn’t, but it is in the nightshade family. The ripe berries are edible even though the whole plant looks like it is warning you not to! Yet to try them…

    However, I enjoy Tree Tomatoes and have tried to grow them with no success. Had better luck with Pepino (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solanum_muricatum). They grew well, although only as an annual, and tasted lovely. Have you tried them?

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