Friday’s answers

J Bloggs, Andrei and Teletext posed yesterday’s questions for which they get my thanks.

If they’ve stumped us all they can claim a virtual chocolate cake by leaving the answers below.


3 Responses to Friday’s answers

  1. Teletext says:

    Well done J Bloggs, you nailed all the answers

    1. In the 1400’s and 1500’s a nation called Cem-Anahuac was inhabited by which race of people?
    The Aztecs which were made up of a number of tribes, the largest of who were also known as the Mexica

    2. The capital of that nation was called Tenochtitlan. By what name is it currently known?
    Mexico City

    3. Who led the invading force that took over this nation and who was the ruler of this nation at the time?
    Hernan Cortes and Montezuma

    4. What unusual thing did he do to ensure the invasion was successful?
    Cortes had all their ships burnt so that they couldn’t return to Cuba, from where they came.

    5. What is the “Halls of Montezuma”?
    The Hymn of the US Marine Corps

    6. There is a movie called the “Halls of Montezuma”. In what war was it set?
    WW2 in the Pacific

  2. Andrei says:

    I cannot claim the virtual reward either 🙂

    Who were the following women and what is their claim to fame

    (1) Ilse Koch

    She was the wife of Karl-Otto Koch, commandant of the Nazi concentration camps Buchenwald and Majdanek – famous for her cruelty and depravity – she apparently collected tattoos from the skin of murdered inmates

    (2) Elizabeth Bathory

    She was a high born serial killer who murdered 100s of young girls in late 16th and early 17th centuries, according to the tale she bathed in the blood of virgins to maintain her youth and looks

    She was never tried for her crimes though her accomplices, her servants were. because her high born relatives protected her. She didn’t escape punishment though – she was walled up and left confined until she died

    (3) Dorothea Binz

    An SS commandant at Ravensbrück, noted for her cruelty – she was hanged by the British in 1947

    (4) Griselda Blanco

    Colombian drug lord of the Medellín Cartel who made a fortune in the USA distributing cocaine – she was eventually deported back to Columbia where seh was assassinated in a drive by shooting

    (5) Enriqueta Martí

    This charming woman procured children by kidnapping them for pedophiles in Barcelona in the early 1900s – she also murdered them to create folk remedies from their body parts for various diseases, in particular Tuberculosis

    She was lynched by her fellow prisoners before she could be tried

  3. J Bloggs says:

    1) Robin Williams

    2) 7 – Mary I of England (Mary Tudor), Elizabeth I of England, Mary I of Scotland (Mary, Queen of Scots), Mary II of England & Scotland, Anne of Great Britain, Victoria of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

    Matilda, Lady of the English; Margaret, Maid of Norway; and Lady Jane Grey were also proclaimed (and in the case of Matilda and Lady Jane, acted as) Queen, but never had a coronation.

    3) Mary I – 5 years, 121 days is the shortest; Elizabeth II is the longest – 64 years, 159 days as of today

    4) Sobekneferu is the first known female pharoah of Egypt for which there is confirmed proof. She ruled from 1806 BCE to 1802 BCE, which makes her the first recorded female ruler.

    5) Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, who ascended the throne on 14 January 1972

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