366 days of gratitude

A trip to Robben Island last month was a sobering experience that started when we noticed a sign at the ferry terminal asking people to hand in their guns before they boarded the boat.

Police have shot two people in New Zealand this week. Both shootings made the news, as they should because shooting people, by police or others, is a mercifully rare occurrence here.

Today I’m grateful to live in a country where police and public aren’t routinely armed.

One Response to 366 days of gratitude

  1. Paul Scott says:

    We are shockingly under policed. . Under policing by number or salary is an invitation for thins to go wrong. I am in Thailand at the moment. 250,000 police here. That is one for every 250 people. Apparently that’s high. Income. Wait for it. Less than 18,000 baht per month. That is less than working mans wage, in Bangkok, but not rural.. $NZ 750. per month.
    Result. You pay the Police directly.. It is not a bribe. You are feeding his family. Thailand very high in corruption, and it is top down.

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