Where do you sit on the feminist perspective?

I believe that that people should have equal rights because we’re all people and therefore regard myself as a peopleist rather than a feminist, but that wasn’t an option in this test in which I scored highest as a liberal feminist:

Perspective Score
Liberal feminist 38
Cultural feminist 24
Women of Color 21
Radical feminist 19
Conservative 14
Socialist feminist 13

Hat Tip: Spanish Bride at Whale Oil.


4 Responses to Where do you sit on the feminist perspective?

  1. Andrei says:

    What an absurd (and offensive test) filled with foolish assumptions

    Feminism is living proof that some women are exceptionally stupid and clueless

    There is a reality here that is being denied and that is that human beings are mammals and the human infant is completely dependent upon his or her mother for at least the first 12 months of life if not longer

    And for a child to thrive that child’s mother has to put most of her energies into that infant for several years, an exercise that becomes much easier if she has a man to support her as she does and the best candidate to support a nursing woman is the father of her child(ren)

    This is why monogamous long term relationships are the optimum for civil society and why societies that encourage and nurture them have historically done better than those that don’t

  2. JC says:

    I thought I’d lower the tone of the blog and drop in some wise words from the Two Ronnies..

    (Q) What would you get if you combined a table tennis ball with a tall chamberpot?

    (Scroll down)

    (A) A ping pong piddle high po!

  3. JC says:

    Eek.. was supposed to be in the Soapbox section!

  4. Name Withheld says:

    ….Oh I dunno….
    From what I saw of the test….
    “A ping pong piddle high po”
    Would be a suitable answer for most of the questions.

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