Brexit – stay or go?

Tonight, New Zealand time, the polls open to allow people in the UK to vote on whether or not they stay in the European Union.

The euro makes life easier for people travelling between the countries which use it. But monetary union doesn’t work properly when the parties to it don’t have economic union.

The UK was sensible to retain its own currency.However, the rush to swap pounds for euro shows people believe victory for the leave campaign would result in a substantial fall in the value of the pound.

The theory of the EU has a lot to commend it  – a single market with free movement of people and trade. But politics and a bloated bureaucracy have too often meant the promise hasn’t been realised.

Whatever the people of Britain and Northern Ireland vote for or against Brexit, the EU needs major reform.




3 Responses to Brexit – stay or go?

  1. Andrei says:

    The EU is a project of the Trans Atlantic elites – the American Empire that has occupied Western Europe since WW2

    What it means is the Rich Nations of post Christian Northern Europe can get cheap labour from Catholic Southern Europe and the more recently occupied Orthodox Eastern Europe while dumping its produce and industrial products on those places thus impoverishing the local populace and keeping them subservient and dependant

    The wealth of the occupied lands, natural resources and people flow to the Bankers of London and Wall Street while their indigenous cultures are subverted and destroyed.

    Do you think it was an “accident” the Yugo car plant (one of the biggest car manufacturers in Europe was reduced to rubble during the 1999 Kosovo war or that Kosovo currently occupied by NATO is itself is one of the most mineral rich regions in Europe – mines now owned and controlled by American based Multinational mining companies?

    Whatever the result of the vote Britain will not leave the EU though the elites will do everything in their power to get a mandate from the people, including cheating if they fail they will just ignore the result

  2. JC says:

    I’m sure the “Remain” people have good points on the economic costs of leaving but what the Brits would be leaving is a low income Europe where the best economic performers would struggle to be equal to or better than the 10 poorest US states. In fact NZ is a better performer than the UK.

    I would agree with the Remain people if the UK was to attempt to carry on with its ridiculous farm subsidies so a Brexit really should be used to make some significant changes in subsidies and trade policies.


  3. JC says:

    Thinking some more about it what this vote is really about is what culture the country is. Is it European, uniquely British or something more Catholic.. perhaps a bridge between cultures or even the mother of the modern world?.. my own opinion suggests something closer to the latter.

    Then too is the fact that in the long history of Europe and Britain the EU is simply a blink in time and maybe more like a boil on the bum than a serious institution.


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