Saturday’s smiles

A man was driving his wife and mother-in-law to a funeral a long distance from their home.

Part way into the journey the driver noticed a high-heeled shoe on the floor.

He looked at his wife feet to check they were shod. They were and he began to worry about what she might say if she saw another woman’s shoe in their car.

He was still worrying when he stopped for fuel a short time later and discretely picked up the shoe and put it in the rubbish bin by the fuel pumps.

The journey continued uneventfully until they were approaching the town where the funeral was being held.

The man heard his mother-in-law fossicking round the floor from the seat behind him and asked her what she was looking for.

She replied, “I’m looking for my shoe. I took both off a ocuple of hours ago and now I can find only one.”



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