Friday’s answers

Andrei, Gravedodger and J Bloggs posed yesterday’s questions for which they get my thanks.

If they’ve stumped us all they can claim a virtual batch of ginger crunch by leaving the answers below.


3 Responses to Friday’s answers

  1. Gravedodger says:

    My research leaves me with the following answers
    1 Okere Falls.
    2 Kaituna river as it leaves Rotoiti.
    3 Decommissioned in September 1939 Remnants still to be seen , part of the Okere falls reserve under DOC now part of a thriving private rafting operation.
    4 Richard Seddon.
    5 Reefton
    6 Clyde Dam
    7 Lake Dunston
    8 Waitaki 590 mw, Clutha 410 mw, Grey350 mw, Waiau 235mw and the Ngaruroro 135 mw. Total 1715 MW
    9 Lower Waitaki, Mohinganui dam , Wairau Canal.
    10 My belief is a pebble nuclear.

    To Teletext I understand your q1 was not NZ government.
    66% and a quill and ink pen for your lateral thinking on Q10 just as soon as one comes up on ebay. whether that happens before all those wailing about carbon fired generation rediscover Nuclear is problematical.
    So sad Our Hydro has dropped from mid 70% to approach mid fifties since 1990 is rather confusing when coal and gas have filled that gap to the degree it has.

  2. J Bloggs says:

    1) Conan the Barbarian

    2) 3, Flesh + Blood, Robocop, Starship Troopers

    3) Verhoeven was working on Total Recall, Poledouris scored The Hunt for Red October

    4) 1996 Atlanta Games

    5) Emmy, Lonesome Dove

  3. Andrei says:

    (1) The film was Бој на Косову (War in Kosovo) which commemorated the Battle of Kosovo fought on St Vitus Day 1389 – A very important Battle in both Serbian and world history where the Ottomans won a Pyrrhic victory against the Serbs, both armies being destroyed and their leaders killed

    The woman and the scene are drawn from the Epic Poem Kosovo Maiden

    (2) The Film was made in 1989 to commemorate the 600th anniversary of this Battle

    (3,4) The Gazimestan speech was delivered on 28th June 1989 (St Vitus Day on the Julian Calendar) by Slobodan Milošević. This speech has been much misrepresented over the years in light of subsequent events

    (5) There is always a difficulty in recording dates of events that occurred when the Julian calendar was in force against today’s Gregorian one – Since this event is tied to St Vitus day and Serbia is an Orthodox country it is remembered on the 28th of July but in Wikipedia the 15th of July – It was seeing this event recorded on Wednesday’s post that inspired these questions

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