Friday’s answers

Thanks to Andrei and J Bloggs who posed the questions.

If they’ve stumped us all they can claim a virtual chocolate cake by leaving the answers below.


3 Responses to Friday’s answers

  1. Andrei says:

    (1) Who was Rurik

    Ruruk was a Varangian Prince who founded the Rurik dynasty who provided the rulers of Kievan Rus, the Grand Duchy of Moscow as well as the Tsardom – the first Tsar of all the Rus was Ivan IV – Ivan Grozny or Ivan the Terrible

    Rurik is one of Queen Elizabeth II’s ancestors

    (2) When did he live?

    9th century more or less a contemporary of Alfred the Great

    (3) Who was the last of the Rurikid dynasty and when did he die?

    Feodor I of Russia who died childless in 1598 – thus leading to “the Time of Troubles”

    (4) What dynasty replaced the Ruikids?

    The time of Troubles ended in 1612 with the Tsardom of Mikhail I the first of the Romanovs

    (5) What has Rurik got to do with a 21st century, female, black American?

    Not much – this quiz was inspired by a news story about an American Author who has produced a children’s book about Rurik’s wife, Ufanda of Norway, and thinks Vladimir Putin should raise a statue to her in Novgorod 🙂

    That is what inspired this quiz 🙂

    PS I loathed the animated film Anastasia

    Postscript: Queen Elizabeth II’s descent from Rurik

    Igor of Kiev
    Sviatoslav I of Kiev
    Vladimir I of Kiev
    Yaroslav I the Wise
    Iziaslav I of Kiev
    Sviatopolk II of Kiev
    Predslava of Kiev
    Béla II of Hungary
    Andrew II of Hungary
    Violant of Hungary
    Isabella of Aragon
    Philip IV of France
    Isabella of France
    Edward III of England
    Lionel of Antwerp, Duke of Clarence
    Philippa of Ulster
    Roger Mortimer, Earl of March
    Anne Mortimer
    Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York
    Edward IV of England
    Elizabeth of York
    Margaret Tudor
    James V of Scotland
    Mary I of Scotland (Mary Queen of Scots)
    James I of England
    Elizabeth of Bohemia
    Sophia of the Palatinate
    George I of Great Britain
    George II of Great Britain
    Frederick, Prince of Wales
    George III of the United Kingdom
    Prince Edward Augustus
    Victoria of the United Kingdom
    Edward VII of the United Kingdom
    George V of the United Kingdom
    George VI of the United Kingdom
    Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom

  2. J BLoggs says:

    1) Who were the Dioscuri?

    Castor and Pollux – the “Heavenly Twins”, and as Andrei pointed out, astronomically, represented by the constellation Gemini

    2) Who were their sisters?

    Helen of Sparta and Troy, and Clytemnestra, wife (and later killer) of Agamemnon

    3) Whose death was Deianina responsible for, and how did it happen?

    Heracles, by means of a poisoned shirt given to her by Nessus, one of the victims of Heracles

    4) With which two mythological creatures is Bellerophon most closely associated?

    Pegasus, the Chimera

    5) One of those creatures is now more commonly associated with another Hero – Which creature, which hero, and how is he related to the person in Q.3?

    Pegasus, Perseus. Perseus was Heracles great grandfather on the mothers side, and half brother on the other (Zeus was father to both).

  3. Teletext says:

    1. Which people was Theodoric thr Great King of?

    2. What are the following places that existed at the time of Theoderic now known as?

    3. Singidunum

    4. Andautonia

    5. Salona

    6. Vindobona

    7. Pomore

    8. Lugdunum

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