Saturday’s smiles

A woman was rummaging through the cupboard under the stairs in the house she had inherited from a recently deceased grandparent when she came across a painting that looked like it had been done by one of the great masters. Looking further she found a violin that looked as though it might have been handmade.

She didn’t know much about art or musical instruments so took her finds to a professional appraiser.

After studying the painting and violin for a little while, the appraiser put down his magnifying glass and said, “What you have here is a genuine Rembrandt and an original Stradivarius.”

The woman smiled and said,”could you put a value on them?”

“Yes, unfortunately they’re not worth much at all,” the appraiser said. “Stradivarius was a lousy painter, and Rembrandt didn’t know the first thing about making violins.”


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