366 days of gratitude

When we altered our house a few years ago we had a discussion on whether or not we needed a fire.

My farmer wasn’t entirely sure we did but I was and we got one.

We’ve used it only a handful of times and that was more for the ambiance than heat.

But while we’re awaiting a plumber to sort out the return valve on our heating system it’s not performing to its optimum and this afternoon it wasn’t up to countering the cold snap we’re having.

Today I’m very grateful for the fire (and my farmer is too though I’ve resisted the temptation to point out what a good decision it was to have one).


One Response to 366 days of gratitude

  1. JC says:

    Heh. Its 10.25pm and the outside temp is 10C and falling. In our sitting room/kitchen of 700 sq ft and 12ft stud (no insulation) the temp is 30C and 14 meters away our uninsulated bedroom is 18C.

    I’m typing away in shorts and a singlet and whilst we have a heat pump I couldn’t bear the thought of all that power whirring away when our cast iron fire about half the size of a Morris Minor pours out the heat on the lowest setting possible.

    The thing is, wood for such a big fire is expensive but you have 6-8 months of the year to build up the stocks to enjoy the winter.

    In our seventh and eighth decade its the look and feel of a wood fire in a big room thats important.. pure indulgence and decadence!


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