Thursday’s quiz

This is your chance to pose the questions.

Anyone who stumps us all will win a virtual batch of chocolate rough.


5 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. Andrei says:

    My Rosamond , my only Rose,
    that pleasest best mine eye,
    The fairest flower in all the world,
    to feed my fantasie:
    The flower of my affected heart,
    whose sweetness doth excell,
    My Royal Rose a hundred times,
    I bid thee now farewell.

    A verse from a very old ballad

    (1) Who was the Rosamund referred to in this ballad?

    (2) What does her name Rosamund mean?

    (3) What was the fate of this Rosamund according to legend and the ballad?

    (4) Rosmonda d’Inghilterra is a 19th century Italian opera covering these matters – what does the title translate to in English?

    (5) Whose voice is uttering the words farewelling Rosamund in the excerpt above?

  2. Teletext says:

    Ghengis Khan ruled a large Khanate. When he died, the area was split into 4 Khanates with the largest and most important being present day Mongolia and China.

    1. Who was Ghengis Khan’s grandson who ruled as Khan of all Khan’s (Khakhan) for many years and under his rule the empire grew even more?

    2. Who succeeded him as Khan and what was the relationship between the two?

    3. What was the name of the City where this person ruled from and what is it’s current name?

    4. At it’s peak, what percentage of the earth’s inhabitable land did the Mongol Empire cover?

    5. The Mongol’s unsuccessfully tried twice to invade what modern day country?

    6. Which large European city did the Mongol Horde come very close to invading before withdrawing and retreating due to the death of their Ilkhan (local Khanate ruler)?

    7. Who was the Venetian who traveled to China and became an “adviser” to the Khakhan?

    8. Who traveled with this person to China and returned with him 24 years later?

  3. Teletext says:


    1. Henry II’s mistress or woman he wanted for himself

    2. It actually has a few meanings: A gentle Rose; a Rose of the World; a Gentle Horse and even Horse Protector. The horse one’s come from the German language and the Rose one’s from England. A German friend’s wife name is Rosamund and she told me about the German version.

    3. She was poisoned by the Queen (Eleanor) I think

    4. Written by Donizetti in the 1829 it means Rosamund of England. It’s not a very well known opera and has seldom been performed but for some strange reason it features in a book I have on operas.

    5. I can only assume a servant or a maid who was to look after Rosamond when Henry went off to war against France

  4. Paranormal says:


    1) Kublai
    3) Xanadu – Shangdu
    4) 50% (I an’t remember but know it was massive)
    5) Egypt
    6) Vienna
    7) Marco Polo

    Good questions and shows how much I have forgotten.

  5. Andrei says:


    (1) Khublai Khan

    (2) His grandson Timur

    (3) Xanadu

    (4) Syria

    (5) Vienna

    (6) Marco Polo

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