Moving up, out and right out

At last, Labour appears to have caught up with National on one solution to Auckland’s housing problem:

The new position by the Labour opposition calling for an abolition of city limits has been welcomed by Building and Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith.

“This is a welcome repositioning by Labour. Tight city limits and not allowing intensification is at the core of Auckland’s housing problems. It is limiting new housing developments, driving up section and house prices and encouraging land banking.

“A broad political consensus that the policy around city limits needs to change is helpful to progressing the necessary reforms to increase housing supply and to make them more affordable.

“I was given the Housing portfolio in January 2013 and immediately identified Auckland Council’s metropolitan urban limits, set in 1993 when the population was half a million less than today, as a huge barrier to meeting housing needs both now and in the future. At that time Phil Twyford insisted having no boundaries ‘will mean uncontrolled sprawl from Pukekohe to Warkworth’.

“The Government’s housing programme has involved the systematic dismantling of Auckland’s metropolitan urban limit. I have used Special Housing Areas (SHAs) to override the limits in the short-term while fast-tracking with the independent hearings panel a new plan for Auckland with adequate housing supply.

“Both the laws for SHAs and the new Unitary Plan were opposed by Labour. The new Unitary Plan is only six weeks away from going to the council, and I’m confident it will provide a far more permissive approach to new housing because of the depth of analysis that has gone into the new plan.

“It would be counter-productive to ditch this work at this time with a simplistic approach of just abolishing city limits. We still need some rules to ensure new urban areas have appropriate infrastructure and services and that we make separate provision for industry from housing.

“We are making huge progress in growing supply. Only 10 new homes were being built each working day when National came to office but that has grown to 40. I will be keeping my foot hard on the accelerator until we achieve the needed rate of 50-60 per day.

“I welcome this change of tack by Labour on city limits because the next key step is gaining support for a more enabling plan for Auckland. I hope Mr Twyford and Labour will join me in encouraging the Auckland Council to support the new Unitary Plan in July, when the independent hearings panel reports back.”

Some political tragics might care whose idea it was to allow Auckland to move out but most other people just want the best solution to the imbalance between supply and demand – and that’s more houses.

Auckland has to move up and out and it would help if some people moved right out of the city to other regions where houses are far more affordable.

Strong family links and work will be keeping some people in Auckland but there are good livings and good living in other parts of the country.

All New Zealanders are either descended from immigrants or immigrates themselves. Many of our forbears made long and dangerous journeys to get a better life for themselves and their families; some came not just to a new land but a new language and culture, some new New Zealanders are still doing that.

What’s stopping at least some Aucklanders easing the housing problems in their city by making the much easier move to somewhere else in New Zealand?




4 Responses to Moving up, out and right out

  1. Mike Webber says:

    This was one of Nationals campaign promises but like the tax cuts never delivered.

  2. Mr E says:

    “Auckland has to move up and out and it would help if some people moved right out of the city to other regions where houses are far more affordable”

    Aucklanders – Come to Invercargill the friendly city!

    The average house price sits around $200K
    The average house rent sits around $250/wk

    Homelessness seems only a shaddow of the concern existing in Auckland.

    The only Invercargill homeless issue that seem to be hitting the media at the moment is an Art collection which has been homeless for 3 years.–may-11–may-12

    But fear not Aucklanders – the President is our local Green Party representative and prolific blog commenter Dave Kennedy.

    No doubt (why would anyone doubt) he has dedicated complete focus to overcoming this issue over the last 3 years. And I can imagine (I have good imagination) going forward he is completely focused on getting it sorted.

    Come to Invercargill Aucklanders – the friendly and easy to find a home city.

  3. Paranormal says:

    At last Liarbour have done something positive.

    This must be the first positive thing they’ve done in 8 years instead of just opposing for oppositions sake. A shame Goff can’t bring himself to get behind it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see their poll ratings lift if they can keep on with a positive approach.

    National may not be able to be as complacent as they thought they could be for the next two elections.

  4. Mr E says:

    Another reason for Aucklanders to come to Southland

    “Venture Southland predicted the region could face shortages of up to 12,000 employees in the next 15 years because of an aging population and people leaving employment.”

    We will have the work, we have the housing. (shame about some attractions)

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