Which PM are you?

The National Party turned 80 on Friday.

It’s had seven Prime Ministers in that time and is running a quiz to let you find out which one you are.

I got Jenny Shipley.

4 Responses to Which PM are you?

  1. Fairfacts Media says:

    Me too!

  2. JC says:

    I was heading for Kiwi Keith till I got to the email requirement and quit.


  3. fredinthegrass says:

    Robert Muldoon – Oh Dear!! I once played Muldoon at a leadership course – and was a dismal failure. Now I’m a ‘follower’ (NOT of Mr. Muldoon) and am much happier.

  4. J Bloggs says:

    I don’t know as I got to the same point as JC with the same outcome

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